Edgar K. Baron
Chief Executive Officer, Nishati Afrika (Pty) Ltd

Nishati Afrika exhibited at the 15th Africa Energy Indaba from 7-9 March 2023 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The foot traffic, engagements, conference topics, and interest in our product was well above our expectation.

We had the perfect location, ensuring consistent high volume, quality meetings and enquiries on our stand which we look forward to convert.

Our thanks go out to our partners, suppliers and most importantly to Liz Hart, Siyenza and her team for their professionalism, hospitality, excellent service, and a fantastic and productive business development and event experience.

We could not have spent our time any better.

We look forward to seeing you in 2024.

Edgar K. Baron
Chief Executive Officer
Nishati Afrika (Pty) Ltd

Amit Patel
Riya Advisories and Services

We supported our partners in the Africa Energy Indaba from 7-9 March 2023 to assess the event for a larger Indian participation for our stakeholders. We saw phenomenal foot traffic, engagements and interest in our products. This was well above our expectation.

Our location, ensured consistent high volume and quality meetings and enquiries. We found synergy between the event offering and Indian expectation for doing business in Africa. With this in mind we hope to create a home for emerging  Indian exporters in the power and Energy sectors respectively across all verticals at the Africa Energy Indaba for the foreseeable future.

We look forward to meaningful participation and cooperation between our Indian supply and African demand side stakeholders. Our thanks goes to Liz Hart  and her team for their hospitality and excellent service.

See you in 2024.

Amit Patel
Riya Advisories and Services

Prof Mosad Elmissiry
Senior Energy Advisor, CEO’s Office, NEPAD Agency

There are few premier energy events that attend to real energy challenges in Africa. Africa Energy Indaba event (AEI) has rapidly risen to be a leading event in this regards that earned the support of the African union, new partnership for African development (NEPAD) and the world energy council (WEC). This is simply because AEI provides an effective platform for discussions of currents energy challenges in Africa, in an African environment and by African themselves, which results in coming up with realistic solutions not detached from reality. AEI follows an approach which is dynamic in nature when it decides upon its yearly programme . Beside ensuring that there is something for every participants, it ensures that the programme is topical and there is something new every year. In one year it added the PPA, PPP and IPP to its programme, in another year it added debate on nuclear power, in another year it added energy ministerial debate and in 2017 it added a new session on presenting Africa priority renewable energy projects to investors and developers. I found AEI an effective platform for not only networking but also for keeping up to date with real developments in the energy sector in Africa.

Francis Thakaso
Executive Chairman, Whitehorse Exploration (Pty) Ltd

My meetings were great, made great connections. Thanks for all the hard work.

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Dr. Latsoucabé Fall
Regional Manager, Africa Region, World Energy Council, and Member of the AEI Steering Committee

Africa Energy Indaba is growing successfully year over year, in terms of participants, contents and high-level expertise. Flagging together sustainable energy solutions by africans for Africa is the most rewarding engagement for African leaders to be part of this annual forum.

Dave Wright
Oil & Gas Advisor

The Africa Energy Indaba is the must attend energy event for everyone interested in energy matters across Africa. It is always well attended by all sectors involved in energy in many African countries so besides being an excellent opportunity to meet with these people, it is also possible to hear their views and perspectives as they are often included in the panel discussions that are presented at the Indaba.

Maurits Perold
Chief Executive Officer, Green Habitat

You will definitely see us next year or any other potential event this year. I just would like to thank you and Liz and the team. This was the most professional event we have ever been too. Congratulations for hosting such a brilliant event.

Scott Brodsky
Partner, Macfarlanes

Once again the Africa Energy Indaba has proved an invaluable forum for advancing projects and opportunities that are vitally important in keeping the lights on, industry producing, and fuelling continued economic growth in Africa.

Sagie van Niekerk
CEO, Agra

Your system is so efficient, I suggested it to the Australian Embassy for their conference later this year and they are very interested.

David Jarrett
NamPower, Renewable Energies & Systems Integration

Where have you guys been all my life! Thanks for keeping me organised!

Dipka Bhambhani
Director of Communications United States Energy Association

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak at the Indaba this year. It was such a great conference, and I know we’re all energized and optimistic about the future of energy access on the continent. And, you were amazing, no detail left undone.

Stephen Simmonds
Executive Head,Business Development Metrix Software Solutions

Went to a conference in Dubai and used terrapinn’s system and yours is far superior, it worked well and your assistance is much appreciated.

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