7 March 2024

Cape Town International Convention Centre

Welcome to the Hydrogen Forum:

Unlocking Potential: An Overview of the Hydrogen Economy for Africa


The Hydrogen Forum brings together thought leaders, policymakers, and industry pioneers to dissect the multifaceted facets of hydrogen technologies and their implications for Africa’s energy transition.

The event will provide a strategic platform for industry experts, innovators, and stakeholders to converge and explore the burgeoning landscape of hydrogen technologies. This dynamic forum serves as a catalyst for discussions on green hydrogen, applications in various sectors, and the pivotal role hydrogen plays in Africa’s sustainable energy future.

Here's a closer look at what you can expect:

Green Hydrogen Revolution:

Delve into the forefront of the green hydrogen revolution, exploring how this clean and sustainable energy carrier is poised to redefine Africa’s energy landscape. Learn about breakthroughs in production, storage, and distribution that promise a greener and more resilient future.


Sector Integration:

Uncover the vast potential of hydrogen in integrating with various sectors, from transportation and industry to power generation. Gain insights into how hydrogen can be a versatile solution, addressing energy challenges and fostering economic growth across diverse industries.


Policy Perspectives:

Engage with policymakers and regulatory experts to understand the evolving landscape of hydrogen policies in Africa. Discover how supportive frameworks can drive investments, innovation, and cross-border collaborations, paving the way for a hydrogen-centric energy ecosystem.


Investment Opportunities:

Explore the investment landscape in hydrogen projects and technologies. Learn about funding opportunities, partnerships, and the economic viability of hydrogen initiatives. Discover how investors can contribute to and benefit from the hydrogen transition in Africa.


Collaborative Initiatives:

Connect with like-minded professionals, businesses, and organisations actively involved in hydrogen-related projects. Explore potential collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing opportunities that can accelerate the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies across the continent.


Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

Delve into discussions on the environmental benefits of hydrogen and its role in achieving sustainability goals. Explore how hydrogen can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, mitigating climate change, and building a more resilient and eco-friendly energy infrastructure.


Technology Showcase:

Experience firsthand the latest advancements in hydrogen technologies through a technology showcase. From electrolysis and storage solutions to fuel cells, witness cutting-edge innovations that are driving the hydrogen revolution in Africa.

Hydrogen Forum Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

South African National Energy Development Institute 

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) was established in 2011 under the National Energy Act, 2008 (Act No. 34 of 2008). The Act provides for SANEDI to direct, monitor and conduct energy research and development, promote energy research and technology innovation as well as undertake measures to promote energy efficiency throughout the economy.

SANEDI’s focus is mainly developing innovative, integrated clean energy and resource efficient solutions that aim to catalyse growth and prosperity. As technologies develop and mature, opportunities for innovative energy solutions that can make a meaningful contribution are becoming increasingly relevant for improving energy access and lowering the country’s carbon footprint.

SANEDI operates in a global context shaped by several megatrends including climate change, urbanisation, demographic shifts, Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and growing inequalities. We have shaped programmes of action and have adopted three themes to strengthen and drive our mandate. The themes are: Climate Change and Decarbonisation, Service Delivery within the Municipal Environment, and Information Knowledge (Data and Knowledge Management) and Technological Convergence.

Website: www.sanedi.org.za

Session Sponsor

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an incorporated administrative agency in charge of administering Japanʼs ODA, is one of the worldʼs largest bilateral aid agencies supporting socioeconomic development in developing countries in different regions of the world.

Mission: JICA, in accordance with the Development Cooperation Charter, will work on human security* and quality growth.

Vision: Leading the world with trust

JICA, with its partners, will take the lead in forging bonds of trust across the world, aspiring for a free, peaceful and prosperous world where people can hope for a better future and explore their diverse potentials.

Hydrogen Forum Speakers

Programme Director

Ebrahim Takolia
Founder and CEO
Green Hydrogen Solutions


Hauke Engel
McKinsey & Company
East Africa

Panel Members

Mamusa Mabodi
Project Manager
CEF Group of Companies

Niels Luchter
Hyena Energy

Alexander Sticker
Global Direct, Renewable Power

Nicolas Lecomte
Director Southern and East Africa
HDF Energy

Mbuso Xaba
Project Manager
CEF Group of Companies

Salma Hussein Osman
Head of Central Department for Technical Affairs and Licensing
Marco Raffinetti
Hyphen Hydrogen Energy
Manabu Sugioka
Senior Advisor

Garrith Bezuidenhoudt
Managing Partner

Paschal Phelan
Executive Chairman
Phelan Green Energy

Joyce Kabui
Advisor, Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change, Executive Office of the President, Kenya or the Coordinator
Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance
Prof Mamphweli
Head of the Department of Science and Innovation’s Energy Secretariat
South African National Energy Development Institute

The Hydrogen Forum Africa is not just a conference; it’s a collaborative journey towards unlocking the vast potential of hydrogen as a key player in Africa’s sustainable energy future.

Join us in unraveling the potential, challenges, and collaborative pathways that will shape the hydrogen economy across the continent.