electricity pylon in sunset

Investment Opportunities Arise as SA’s Energy Minister looks at Producing Power Outside of Eskom

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe revealed on Tuesday that government is looking forward to creating a new entity with the ability to generate power independently from Eskom. He communicated to the audience that government will provide license-free permission to mining companies to generate power for their own consumption.

Africa’s Mini-Grid Agenda

Renewable and self-sustaining mini-grid solutions present a viable solution to achieve universal energy-access goals for remote African communities. Mini-grids present a viable solution to increasing energy access to Africa’s population while also tapping into Africa’s huge potential for renewable energy.

The African Renewable Energy Revolution

Africa’s abundant clean energy resources, coupled with new investments in renewable energy technologies, have spearheaded Africa into a clean energy revolution. As reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable energy is believed to constitute approximately 50% of sub-Saharan Africa’s power generation growth by 2040, consequently accelerating Africa’s novice economies.

Impact of African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) on Africa’s Energy Sector

The African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) will constitute the world’s largest free trade area, consolidating an integrated market of 1.3 billion consumers with a combined gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately $3.4 trillion.  The objective is to realise a continent-wide single market for goods and services with free movement of business, persons and investments.

Renewable Sector Prepares Just Transition Roadmap for Declining Coal and Gold Mining Regions

South Africa’s renewable energy sector has revealed the preparation of a transition roadmap that seeks to speed up and assist the mobilisation of wind and solar energy in regions where gold and coal mining are on the decline. By incorporating employment and industrialisation in the renewable industry, the roadmap will accelerate economic activity and produce job opportunities in the affected areas.