The Future of Renewable Energy in Africa

Africa has access to an almost unlimited potential of solar capacity, abundant hydro, wind, and geothermal energy sources, indicating the continent’s enormous potential in the renewables space. Africa has the potential to pave the way for the world in scaling-up and generating renewable energy if it is able to successfully harness and realise its renewable energy potential.


The World Energy Council is proud to have once again been a Strategic Partner of the Africa Energy Indaba. This year’s event reflected well the issues affecting African energy today as we work to humanise energy and ensure equitable access to affordable and secure energy supply for all. We know that this requires innovative thinking that will drive investment to deliver much needed energy infrastructure. Our collective focus can no longer stay on theory but rather on the practical implementation of human-centred solutions.

Acclaimed Energy Dignitaries to Exchange Opinions at Upcoming Africa Energy Indaba

This year’s Africa Energy Indaba is set to introduce attendees to some of the most influential figures the energy sector has seen. Such acclaimed energy experts will assemble at this prestigious sectoral event to analyse and debate pressing topics pertinent to Africa’s energy sphere. Panel experts will delve into discussions that extensively address specific concerns relevant to their fields of professionalism and knowledge.

Key Issues to be Addressed at 13th Annual Africa Energy Indaba

Key outcomes transpiring from this event will provide business growth opportunities for Africa’s energy sector, thereby inspiring transformation in this realm. The Africa Energy Indaba Conference is the definitive energy event for the continent delivering an annual programme that influences energy policy for Africa. Pivotal issues that impact the African energy sector will be discussed in conjunction with solutions to best alleviate these concerns.

Impact of Mini- and Off-grid Power Projects in Africa

Renewable and self-sustaining mini- and off-grid solutions serve as alternatives to traditional grid connections to achieve energy-access goals for remote communities. These revolutionary solutions will be discussed and showcased at the upcoming 13th annual Africa Energy Indaba virtual event from the 1st – 5th March 2021 which will provide the latest insights, trends and applications to ultimately increase energy access across the continent.

Energy Storage – High on the agenda for Emerging Economies

The annual Africa Energy Indaba 2021 will be discussing the role and impact of energy storage in Africa through a focused dialogue, unpacking and exploring the opportunity for Africa. The key focus session is titled, ‘Is energy storage the key to energy access?’. The panel discussion will look at what technology is available that has the potential to rapidly increase the acceptance of wind and solar energy resources as significant players at utility scale.